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Version 1.0
A site for my scrivenings, conceptual deformities, and sundries.
Apologies to those disgusted at the obvious display of narcissistic wallowing. Let it be assured, all narcissistic wallowing has dutifully been chamouflaged into the background of this site so as to be unseen, if not entirely removed.
Apologies will not be made for the obvious display of pretentiousness. That's all part of the charm.

This site makes even the most hardened ninja flip out

Below are links to various writings and creative eructations. My Xanga 'Blog is personalised with a regional dialect that can only be referred to as "A shameless attempt at a bullshit-Ebonics". Messages can be left on the corresponding Guestbook of that site, if one requires a Kirk-ified Rosetta Stone. Additional links, sites, and various other masturbatory ramblings will accrue, here, over an unquantifiable period of time.
As it's unquantifiable, I don't ever have to truly make it happen.
If you don't like it, here's a spoon.
Eat my ass.
Yours in surly silliness and honest acceptance,


Contact me, for hues of both love and defamation, at flock_of_seagulls@hotmail.com or kirk.marshall@gmail.com. Open to comments all.

The Headspace of Kirk A.C. Marshall: the new creative discipline website


My Xanga 'Blog: Journals from the Front Lines of Self-Indulgence


Pointless Stories - Satirical Chain-letter Emails and Goat-Related Sundries: A Website. 


The Kangaroo Point Cherry Bomb Massacres: The Online 'Bloggers' Diaries of Oasis Mildsauce
[NEW: now complete!]


*Archived Writings, Scrivenings and the Requisite Ball of Wax:*

High & Beautiful: The Sane Person's Column for Coping With the Demands of the New Century (#1)

High & Beautiful: The Sane Person's Column for Coping With the Demands of the New Century (#2)

High & Beautiful: The Sane Person's Column for Coping With the Demands of the New Century (#3)

High & Beautiful: The Sane Person's Column for Coping With the Demands of the New Century (#4)

Transient Love the Ticket to Ride

[NEW: personalised feature article]

Film Review (#1): "Sideways"

Film Review (#2): "The Life Aquatic, With Steve Zissou"
[personalised review pending]

Mistah Duke, He Dead: A Personalised Obituary for Hunter S. Thompson

American Political Craziness IV: Blood Skull's Revenge

Band is Brisbane's Denvar Nugget

French Auteurism and Akira Kurosawa: Comprehensive Academic Thesis

Kill the Flaccid: A Gonzo Sexual History

Dreamtown: A literary meditation on one's subconscious self

[NEW: creative non-fiction / "dreams diary"]

The Cobblin' Gobblin

Red is Best

About 8: A satire on the boy band industry.


About 8 Pictures: The Fictitious Boy Band's Photographic Website.


Personalised MySpace Profile Site: Hosting Photographs, Pictures & Miscellanies
[hosted under the About 8 pseudonym of "Diamond (Crotch)" for no particular reason...]

Stagger through vanity and erratic art here!



The Work


You read that correctly! A book! 
Stories for the fans of Kirk Marshall (you), by the fans of Kirk Marshall (me)!
Red Stoplight & City Wild (c), a progressive collection of assorted short-stories and microfictions written and developed over the previous four years, is currently being extended, edited, and rewritten where appropriate in the collective aspiration for its publication. The collection will be completed by the commencement of 2006.

Kirk A.C. Marshall's Professional Employment Resume

Salad Days: a new film project...

Note: This website is legally devoid of any responsibility in which nerdish devotees are effected by the cancerous gamma rays from Saturn being streamed through your computer monitor. If you find an excessively large, pulsating growth on your forehead, it is entirely normal. Just in case, call your medical practitioner.
Further Note: Avoid above advice, if it grows teeth. Opt for hammer and chisel.